Buy Your First Electric or Acoustic Guitar with These Three Tips

Buy Your First Electric or Acoustic Guitar with These Three Tips

Buying your first guitar can be daunting, especially if you still decide what to look for. Whether you are interested in playing the electric or acoustic guitar, there are a few key things to remember when purchasing. These three tips should help you buy your first electric or acoustic guitar.

Determine the Size

It's crucial for any aspiring student, especially younger ones who are still growing, to find a good starter guitar that feels comfortable and suits their needs. Good starter guitars are available in various shapes and sizes. Using the incorrect guitar size can hinder one's ability to play. Young students can find it difficult to play full-size ones due to the width of the guitar neck, heavier weight, and wider spacing of the frets, which can prevent them from playing all the notes.

Although it's a good idea to purchase a full-size model that the student can "grow into," the reality is that playing an instrument that is too big for their body and hands will likely lead to frustration. Multiple guitar manufacturers produce small-scale guitars ideal for young students just starting.

Choose the Right Type of Guitar

Next is to get the right type of guitar. There are two main types of guitars: electric and acoustic.

Electric guitars must be played with an amplifier. They also have thinner bodies than acoustic guitars. They are ideal for playing rock, pop, and other music genres that require a lot of distortion and effects.

Conversely, acoustic guitars have a larger body and can be played without an amplifier. They are ideal for playing folk, country, and other genres that rely on pure acoustic sound.

Choosing between electric and acoustic guitars ultimately boils down to personal preference and the music genre you want to play. If you are unsure, consider trying out both types of guitars to see which one feels more comfortable and sounds better to you.

Consider the Guitar's Features

Finally, when buying your first guitar, it's important to consider its features. Here are a few considerations:

  • Size: Make sure you choose a guitar that is the right size for your body. If the guitar is too big or small, it will be uncomfortable to play and may affect your technique.
  • Shape: Electric guitars, from the classic Stratocaster to the modern Les Paul, come in various shapes. Choose a shape that appeals to you and fits your style of music.
  • Tonewood: The wood used in the guitar's body can affect its sound. Some common tonewoods include mahogany, spruce, and rosewood.
  • Pickups: Electric guitars have pickups that convert the sound of the strings into an electrical signal. Choose pickups that are appropriate for your style of music.
  • Accessories: Finally, consider what accessories you need to get started. You will likely need a case, a guitar strap, and a set of strings.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Buying your first guitar is an exciting and important decision. By following these three tips, you can choose a guitar that is within your budget, suits your style of music, and has the features you need to get started. 

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