Collection: Lessons

Private guitar lessons from a professional guitarist with over 20 years experience. Step up your skills or start your journey to becoming a guitarist. 

We will provide weekly lessons to keep you moving forward. Learn to play full songs in a matter of weeks, and when you are ready, get on stage for a live performance (optional).

You are selecting from lesson plans beginning the week of September 5. Choose either 6 lessons or 12. Each lesson will take place at your home at the same time each week. 

Upgrade your guitar skills with Canggu Guitar Lessons

Taking Guitar lessons are an ideal way to learn guitar and master the basics on your timeline. With the help of an experienced teacher to train you with tips and tricks to improve your learning, you will be capable of playing your favorite songs in less time. 

Guitar Lessons for All Levels

Step up your skills or begin your journey to become a guitarist with Canggu Guitar lessons. We have professional guitarists with over 20 years of experience that offer private guitar lessons. Our highly-experienced instructors conduct guitar classes beginning with the basics, including chords, scales, tuning, rhythm, and theory. Our guitar lessons are designed to get you playing songs you love in just a few weeks. .  

At Canggu Guitar, we design each lesson to fulfil your ability level, style, and interest. Our guitar lessons range from beginner to advanced. We provide weekly lessons that will help keep moving forward. You can learn to play entire songs in just a few weeks and if you want to perform on stage, we will create that opportunity for you as well.