Why You Should Check Out Indonesia-Based Band Modjorido

If you're a fan of the down-and-dirty hard rock music of yesteryears but are on the lookout for new music, then you're in for a treat. Indonesian band Modjorido is back with new material, and their music sounds as fresh as ever.

Modjorido is a four-piece band currently composed of Rico Mahesi (vocals, guitar), Donee Sura (bass), Davy Duff (guitar), and Adama Morris (drums, vocals).

2022 was a productive year for the Bali-based group, releasing two back-to-back singles titled "Bebal" and "Magic Hands."

New Members, New Music

As you listen to these two tracks, you can hear the evolution of sound through their newest band members, Duff and Morris, who each bring their unique influences to the band's sound.

The first single they released was "Bebal," which talks about a person's journey for true happiness amidst the world's many deceptions. This is also the first track where you can hear Duff's electric guitar playing. Duff, who replaced previous electric guitar player Momo, brings a British rock influence that provides a rough but rich musical ambiance to the band's new songs.

Meanwhile, Morris, who replaced original drummer Joshua Putra during the first album's recording, provides the loud stomping drum work that drives the band's music to its new direction.

Not long after, the band also released Magic Hands, which came with a unique music video format that featured shadow puppets performing to the song's tune. The music video was directed by Indira Larin and Elisa Wettstein and created in collaboration with EPI Production.

In an article by Musicoloid, Mahesi said the recording for these singles only took one and a half days. However, they took their time during the pre-production phase, which comprises the writing process.

"Actually, the sketching process (pre-production) is as important as the recording process, where we try several different arrangements and incorporate all the elements and ideas from the four of us into one beautiful whole," Mahesi said about their writing process.

Writing Process

Before releasing these new tracks, Modjorido also released "Revolt," an energetic song meant to signify rebellion and a pivot to a new hard rock direction. This song was the single for their debut album, which was released on November 19, 2021.

Bassist Donee Sura revealed that the writing process for "Revolt" was one of the longest ones they've had to undergo. Sura said that the production of that song took two months, starting from the workshop sessions conducted by Dadang S. Pranoto.

They had to workshop this song through several live performances before they finalized its arrangement. The process took so long that they had to push the schedule for the music video release, which they planned to work on starting in December 2020. Modjorido officially released Revolt in November 2021.

The Future is Bright 

All in all, the future is looking up for Modjorido. They are based in Bali and one of the most popular acts today in Indonesia. Additionally, Modjorido was one of the bands that headlined Oktoberfest 2022, held on October 21 and 22 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta.

The band has been praised for their energetic live performances. However, their fans also love them for their songwriting, which features bold and unapologetic but thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies. Modjorido continues to tour and create new music, and they look forward to the future with optimism and enthusiasm.

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