Ready to Rock: How to Prepare for Your First Guitar Lesson

Ready to Rock: How to Prepare for Your First Guitar Lesson

Are you excited about playing the guitar but feeling nervous about your first lesson? Don't worry; we've got you covered. By taking a few simple steps to ready yourself and your equipment, you can maximize your first guitar lesson and start your journey toward becoming a rockstar. 

This article will provide tips and best practices to help you have the best possible experience during your first guitar lesson. 

Choose the Right Guitar 

Before your first guitar lesson, you must ensure you have the right guitar. If you don't already have one, head to your nearest acoustic guitar store to purchase one. You don't need to empty your life's savings on your first guitar, but choosing a reliable instrument that is comfortable to play is important. 

You should also contemplate the type of music you want to select and play a guitar that suits your style. If you're not sure which guitar to choose, ask the staff at your local acoustic guitar store for advice.

Tune Your Guitar 

One of the first lessons you'll take on in your guitar lesson is how to tune your guitar. However, learning how to do this before your lesson is a good idea. You can find plenty of video tutorials that will teach you several techniques for tuning your guitar.

There are plenty of tuners that you can buy for this purpose. However, as a new guitar player, you'll likely be expected to learn how to tune by ear. Tuning your guitar will make it sound better and help you develop your ear for music.

Practice the Basics 

If you're a complete beginner, it's a good idea to practice some basic chords and strumming patterns before your first lesson. You can find plenty of tutorials online that will teach you guitar playing basics. Practicing these basics will help you feel more confident during your lesson and allow you to focus on learning new skills.

Prepare Questions 

Before your first guitar lesson, prepare some questions you may have. This way, you won't forget anything important you wanted to ask your instructor. Consider what you want to learn, what type of music you're interested in, and your goals as a guitar player. This will help your instructor tailor the lesson to your needs and interests.

Bring Necessary Items 

Before heading to your guitar lesson:

  1. Ensure you have everything you need. This includes your guitar, a tuner, a notepad, and a pen.
  2. Consider bringing a water bottle or a snack in case you need a sip or quick bite during the lesson.
  3. If you're taking an online lesson, ensure a steady internet connection and a quiet area to practice.

Be Open-Minded 

Finally, it's important to approach your first guitar lesson with an open mind. Learning a new skill can be daunting and takes a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun. Your instructor will likely introduce you to new techniques and concepts that may be unfamiliar to you. 

Be open to these new ideas, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone starts somewhere, and making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process.


Preparing for your first guitar lesson is an exciting experience. You can maximize your first lesson by choosing the right guitar, tuning it, practicing the basics, preparing questions, bringing necessary items, and being open-minded. Remember, learning the guitar takes time and practice, but with dedication and hard work, you'll be rocking out quickly. Good luck!

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